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Membership Management Services' MM2000 is built from the ground up. Our platform offers many valuable features for Membership, Accounting, Lifecycle, and Donor Development to synchronize data into one single interface. MM2000 was created specifically to satisfy the many needs of the Executive Director, Clergy and Administrative Staff.

MM2000 Is Easy To Use

Our screens are designed so you will easily find the information you want when you want it. Search for members and their children by their last name. Export data with just a few keystrokes. Pay off a congregant's outstanding balance with just one click of the mouse. Best of all we organize your data by modules so you will always know where and how to find the information you want.

Enhanced Communications

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The system comes complete with easy to generate rosters, exports to Microsoft® Word, WordPerfect®, and Microsoft® Excel, and labels for the entire membership or any set of user-defined groups. It also facilitates regular member contact for birthdays, anniversaries, donation acknowledgements and yahrzeit notices.

Our Email Blast Module enables you to send out unlimited blast emails directly from your database while generating mailing labels for those members that don't have email addresses!

Enhance your MM2000 experience by adding MMOnTheWeb, a user-friendly interface that gives your synagogue members a secure password-protected login to access their information through your website. Members can retrieve and update their demographic information and use a variety of membership, accounting, school and donation features.

Increased Financial Control

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The Accounts Receivable Module is available not only for sending statements and making collections, but it assists in providing management information to aid in budgeting and decision-making. There is no limit on how the information is accumulated and/or detailed. Once posted, all financial information is current and available for on-line inquiry and reporting, and all financial data can be password protected. MM2000 has over 30 statement formats to print or email. An optional feature allows future income projections for any month or year - perfect for bank loan applications.

Flexible Reporting

Over 200 pre-programmed reports are part of the standard system. In addition to offering a print preview function, MM2000 offers export capabilities to Excel, Word, WordPerfect, and Access allowing any staff member to capture key information for personalized letters, labels and reports. We also provide an optional module that uses Microsoft® Query to analyze and report on your data.

By using our PDA export, you and your clergy can take your membership information with you wherever you go!