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MM2000 Software

MM2000 is built with customized inquiry screens to access vital demographic information tailored for both Executive Director and Clergy/Staff respective needs.

  • Name, Nickname, Hebrew Name (in English transliteration or Hebrew font)
  • Find Family Records by either member or spouse last name, or by ID
  • Maintain Birth, Anniversary, and Membership dates
  • Marital Status
  • Occupations
  • Up to 98 addresses per family, with 3 telephone fields per address for home, work and Cellular Phone numbers
  • Email addresses for both member and spouse
  • Maintain separate "Mail to" and "Bill to" addresses
  • Unlimited Membership Type categories
  • Unlimited activities and attributes
  • Suppress unlisted telephone numbers from rosters
  • High Holy Day non-assigned seating
  • Comments - Secure Notes Module
  • Automatic link from member screen to child screen
  • Related family member information
  • Executive Director screen with full demographic information including: children, related family members, accounts receivable, yahrzeits, family pictures, private or shareable notes, and automatic letter writing and emailing features
  • Clergy/Staff Inquiry screen with full demographic information including: children, related family members, yahrzeits, family pictures, private or shareable notes, and automatic letter writing and emailing features
  • Numerous reports, exports, rosters and label formats with print preview screens

In MM2000, children have their own dedicated database. This gives MM2000 the unique ability to have children connected to two separate families, a 'many to many' relationship.

  • Connect a child to more than one family and list both parents on rosters
  • One button link to parents, stepparents, and siblings
  • Birth, B'nai Mitzvah, Confirmation dates, and comprehensive B'nai Mitzvah scheduling module
  • Detailed B'nai Mitzvah preparation screens, including parshah and meeting codes and dates
  • Secular/Day School codes, Religious and Hebrew School codes and classes
  • Send mail to second parent and special addresses for college students or campers

The B'nai Mitzvah Module is more than just a set of dates within MM2000. The module lets you not only schedule B'nai Mitzvahs but also displays which Torah Portion the student is going to read. It also lets you keep track of the students' meetings with the Rabbi and their charity/tzedaka project. The best thing about the module is the ability to view and print out all the Saturdays, and holidays, of the year and see which ones are reserved for B'nai Mitzvahs and which ones are open. This make it easy to plan!

  • Detailed B'nai Mitzvah preparation screen, includes parshah and meeting codes
  • Schedule Rabbi meeting date and Speech "due" date
  • Annual Calendar report listing every Holy Day, great for scheduling future years
  • Export of upcoming B'nai Mizvahs including parent and stepparent addresses, phone numbers and emails
  • Four lines of user-defined comments to track readings, tutor information, special family needs, party info and much more

MM2000 decided not to reinvent the wheel when it comes to General Ledgers, which is why we work with any G/L in the market place including Sage Products (Peachtree), CYMA, Great Plains and of course, QuickBooks. MM2000 does, however, take care of all your Accounts Receivable needs.

  • Unlimited Funds/Billing codes
  • Change or combine billing codes
  • Summary and detail accounts receivable with inquiry available on screen or printed
  • Member ledger cards available for printing
  • One click to pay off outstanding individual items or total balance
  • View and edit payment and charge journals before posting
  • Global/Batch billing by member or child activity, membership type, member family status, gender, or school codes
  • Cycle billing provides for monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, annual, or "define your own" billing periods
  • Report on total charges, adjustments, payments, and balance due
  • Transaction types link to general ledger debit and credit numbers (either cash or accrual)
  • Aging reports with user defined columns print to screen or printer
  • Print reports for any series of accounts (Synagogue, Religious School, Nursery School...)
  • Donor receipts comply with IRS and Canada Revenue Agency regulations
  • Provides correct donor receipts to the donor even when applying payments to another member's account
  • Choose from over 30 statement formats to print or email to your members

Providing Yahrzeit notices is an intrinsic part of the services that Synagogues provide to their members. This is why it's important to have a true Yahrzeit Module that doesn't just keep track of dates and relatives. The MM2000 Yahrzeit module does this, and much more.

  • Unlimited Yahrzeit notices for each deceased
  • Select by English, Hebrew, or English & Hebrew dates for a single deceased
  • Print weekly or monthly lists, memorial plaque lists, Rabbi's lists, and labels
  • Print and/or email personalized Yahrzeit notices to members or non-members
  • Online look up in the Cemetery Module for burial plot information
  • Hebrew/English & English/Hebrew date conversions and lookups
  • Special phonetic pronunciation field for Rabbi's pulpit lists (is it Ko-hayn or Koen)
  • Deceased name in Hebrew font
  • Export Yiskor list for letters and your Memorial Book
  • Plaque Listings

MM2000 can keep track of Religious School and/or Hebrew School classes for every child. However, should you feel you need more detail, the School Module is an easier way to track, graduate, and grade your students. This is a comprehensive School Module for larger schools.

  • Use it for Religious school, day school, preschool, camps, adult education classes, and Mitzvah Day projects
  • Enroll children and/or adults in all available classes
  • Quick, one button student enrollment in classes
  • Setup teachers, teaching assistants, student aides, etc.
  • Maintain extensive student notes for every class
  • Track students' school class history, teachers' and administrators' notes and grades received
  • Create charges for up to six different billing codes for every class
  • Special notes for each student (doctor & insurance information, emergency contacts including 'Authorized Pickup', special dates, and comments)
  • Track attendance, including marking students tardy, then print the report
  • Rosters, labels, & mail merges by school term, course codes, classes, and day of the week
  • Online School registration with MMOnTheWeb

MMOnTheWeb is essential for your Organization. Rather than calling the Synagogue, your congregants can go online from anywhere they have an internet connection to access their account. MMOnTheWeb gives your Congregants the ability to make Payments & Donations Online, Register for Events & School, Update Addresses, Add Children to Their Member Profile, and even access a Member Directory (which members can opt out of).

What sets MMOnTheWeb apart from our competitors is that the front end of this Module is fully customizable. You can make it look exactly like your website, or you can leave as is. Membership Management Services does not display their logo on the site, nor do we charge based on membership size.

MMOnTheWeb registers your members with a secure login & password, and is protected by a 2048 bit encryption.

MM2000 natively handles recurring billing (Cycle Billing). If you are looking for something that will automate the process of posting your payments, then Automatic Payments Module is something you want to consider. Automatic Payments will take these recurring payments and charge credit cards, process postdated checks, and store credit card information (using credit card tokens and is completely PCI compliant).

  • Create payment schedules to process payments using credit cards or postdated checks
  • Process credit card payments from within MM2000
  • Store encrypted credit card information including billing address and card verification code
  • Process payments for different activities at various times of the month
  • Store multiple credit cards for each family

The Special Event Seating Module is used primarily by Synagogues for High Holy Days. But did you know that you can use the Special Event Seating Module for Galas, Dinner Dances, or Fundraisers? It's a versatile tool that will help streamline your events.

  • Unlimited events
  • Use assigned or unassigned seating
  • Assign seats for the High Holy Days or any other Special Event (banquet, concert or lecture)
  • Multiple ticket prices
  • Meal selection
  • Copy seating plans from one event to another
  • Print seating tickets in your own format through our RTF (Rich Text File) feature
  • Print seating reports
  • Interface to Accounts Receivable for billing
  • Export capabilities for personalized letters, labels, tickets ...

The Non-Member Mailing Module helps you keep track of all the Non-Members that you would like to market to. This is a great advertising tool! Keep track of all your Non-Members in unlimited targeted mailing lists. Having a large fundraiser to help raise money for a new Capital Campaign? Send out invitations not just to Synagogue members, but to those in the community at large, or those who only come in for High Holy Days. Our Non-Member Mailing Module also interfaces with Accounts Receivables, Yahrzeits, Special Event Seating, and our Cemetery Modules.

  • Enter an unlimited number of non-members/prospective members
  • Set up an unlimited number of separate validated mailing lists
  • Print labels in multiple formats, with Bulk Mailing reports by zip code
  • One step removal of obsolete lists

MM2000 makes it easy to coordinate your cemetery plots. In order to do so, we are somewhat blunt about it; the plot is 'available', 'reserved', or 'occupied'. This makes it simple to navigate and operate.

  • Track synagogue cemetery, and/or sections in other cemeteries
  • Define your own location criteria
  • Maintain detailed deceased information, including armed forces service
  • Track each property for available, reserved, or interred status
  • Reports by plot status, location or member family
  • On-line member and non-member ownership information
  • Automatic billing for annual or seasonal plot care
  • Online look up of Yahrzeit information

The Scroll of Remembrance/Yiskor Book helps you produce a full booklet for Yom Kippur to list your congregants and the individuals they want to remember.

  • Enter both person to be remembered and by whom
  • Prints letters to your members in a RTF (Rich Text Format) reminding them of how they acknowledged last year
  • Prints customizable scroll using RTF (Rich Text Formating)

One of the biggest mistake a Synagogue can make is not sending an acknowledgment to someone who has been kind enough to give a gift. The Donation Acknowledgment Module helps you send 'Thank You Notes' to your Members and non Members alike once a donation is taken either in house or online via MMOnTheWeb.

  • Automatically creates letters, in your format, for acknowledgments and thank you notes
  • One button export to Microsoft Word® to list donations in your bulletin in your format
  • Enter donations with or without posting to a member's Accounts Receivable History
    Select 'In memory of...', 'In honor of...', or define your own reason for recognition
  • Take donations online

Staying in contact with your members is a vital part of running a synagogue. You want to be able to deliver fast, interesting, and informative emails to certain individuals at specific times. With the MM2000 Email Blast Module, you can make sure that the right people get the right information.

  • Send email blasts to your members or children and create labels for those without email addresses
  • Turn any document into an email, not an attachment, and send it to your congregation
  • Send child emails to children or their parents
  • Send emails and create labels for members based on gender, activities, or attributes
  • Export email lists to Excel®, Constant Contact®, or Outlook®
  • Email Statements, Yahrzeit Notices, Birthday/Anniversary Cards, and your Bulletins

One of the best ways for a Synagogue to raise money is through Shalach Manot Purim Baskets or Rosh Hashana Cards. Many of our Synagogues have reported taking in over $10,000 from these types of fundraisers during Purim and Rosh Hashana. MM2000's Shalach Manot Module lets you easily track who is giving baskets to whom, and how much money the Synagogue is bringing in.

  • Creates a member checklist to include with your order form
  • Easily keep track of both the sender and recipient
  • Generate reciprocal gifts and/or universal senders
  • Print listings by senders or recipients to include in bulletins or reports
  • Print a basket or greeting cards list
  • Great for taking in a lot of donations very quickly for Rosh Hashanah or Purim

Membership Management Services (MM2000) works with synagogues that range in size from 90 Member Families to 3000+ Member Families; therefore a one size fits all General Ledger is not the most efficient way to operate. One of the more popular General Ledgers we work with is QuickBooks. We migrate Accounts Receivable data between MM2000 and QuickBooks in an easy to use, one-click interface.

  • Work on either a cash or accrual basis
  • Designed in conjunction with QuickBooks Partners Program
  • Seamlessly transfer Accounts Receivable data between MM2000 and QuickBooks Pro, Premier, Non-Profit, and Enterprise Edition General Ledger

A Synagogue's cash flow is a concern of every board member. With the MM2000 Cash Projection Module it is easy to report and project future income.

  • Project future income for collateral or bank loan reports
  • Generate schedules for future income regardless of the fiscal period
  • Report by fiscal or calendar year

One of the things in which Membership Management Services takes pride, is our Unlimited Telephone Support. Over 60% of all support issues are resolved in less than an hour. No waiting a day or two to have someone answer your question. We are able to connect to your computer directly and troubleshoot the problem. This lets us not only fix the issue for you, but also demonstrate the steps needed so that you learn how to better utilize all the features of MM2000 Synagogue Software. All of our calls are answered by a live person, even when the office is closed. If your system ever goes down, our employees will be notified and get you up and running as fast as possible, even after our business hours. If there is ever a problem, no matter how big or how small, Membership Management Services is here to make sure you take advantage of the full power of our software. Don't ever hesitate to call!

Telephone support includes answering questions regarding the operation of Membership Management Services software including diagnosing problems with data entry, and general "how to" issues. Contact us as often as needed to resolve any issue.